Zelimir Kulisic (his name means "wanting peace") was born on June 23, 1977 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, to a musical family. From an early age it was clear that he would be an entertainer. As a child, Zelimir loved to pretend playing drums on his Mom’s pots and pans, driving everyone around him absolutely crazy. Zelimir barely knew how to speak, but nevertheless kept humming Arias next to his Father, an opera singer, who introduced Zelimir to music at an early age by taking him to many theatrical productions. Little Zelimir had a habit of getting up from bed in the middle of the night, going to the living room and singing a couple of verses of some well known songs. While still half asleep, he would return to bed as if nothing had ever happened! His first public performance took place in kindergarten at the age of four, singing a song “My Mother” for the Women’s Day Celebration on the 8th of March. After his presentation, his teachers picked him up and carried him in their arms as if he was a little boy wonder who barely spoke, but yet could sing so nice. In third grade, Zelimir was already playing guitar and singing in school shows. Visnja, his younger sister whose name means “cherry”, was singing and dancing right next to him at the tender age of eight. That’s how it all began!

"... while Zelimir's exceptional voice range allows him to perform almost any type of song, he is especially fond of pop music and rock 'n' roll as it was made great by Elvis and The Beatles ..."
Athera Karsena, "The Cyprus Weekly"

"A brand New outlook to the R'n'R era with this exclusive R'n'R Extravaganza Tour. Bringing both cover and his original material in a unique, never before seen performance of dance, visuals, energetic performances..."
Liam Roche, "The RoRoBe Media Group"

7th Heaven + Zelimir & Visnja

In 1989, the public for the very first time had the chance to hear the names “Zelimir & Visnja”, brother & sister from Yugoslavia. Two little miracles that could sing, dance and play great music. They were only 11 & 9 and were considered a fresh breeze for the local Pop-Rock scene. Immediately they received the nickname “HIT-Kids”, because they were so unique, and the youngest duet appearance ever on these grounds. With their original appearance & show they roamed within Europe not even aware that this would be their life’s calling (destiny) and eternal Love. They appeared in all possible festivals winning enviable results. Zelimir and Visnja would also appear live on TV shows either as performers or as TV show-hosts. Zelimir started writing his own songs for them both. Today there are close to 200 songs. Zelimir has also written songs for many other singers, TV shows, and new young artists! They were always new and unique with their songs and performances. “Zelimir and Visnja also had their own hit LP, CD and cassette tape under the name “7th Heaven”, barely being 16 & 14 for the National Publishing Record Company PGP-RTS, which saw the light of day in 1994. Under many songs in this album, you could find the name Zelimir Kulisic credited as the songwriter who could take the breath away of many teenage girls by his “Elvis/Brando” look ~ Slick hair with a curl on the forehead, puffed lips, and moves that overwhelmingly reminded us of the Great King.” Press release 1999. (10th Anniversary of Zelimir & Visnja).

1996 Tour

After their seven day tour in the USA, Zelimir was spotted in New York City’s Central Park by an owner of a Fashion Modeling Agency. This turn of fortune led to various modeling and entertainment opportunities in NYC shows and clubs. The duet “Zelimir and Visnja” dissolved, each following their own solo careers. Upon returning from the USA, Zelimir performed live in clubs, private parties, elite hotels, discotheques, night clubs, and restaurants all over Europe, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France. Zelimir also writes songs, arranges, produces, plays & sings for some Austrian bands and singers at their local studios.

Rock and Roll + Extravaganza

In 2002, Zelimir recorded his second CD for the national record company PGP-RTS, and continues to perform on local and International song competitions. In autumn 2002, after successful performances and promotions of his CD on the “Sunflower” Festival, Zelimir gets an invitation from the Cyprus TV Producer Marios Skordis, to perform in the famous TV-Show “EVHARISTO SAVVATOVRADO” on the CyBC(RIK) TV and was immediately noticed by the local crowd and managers. Producer Marios Skordis employs Ms. Stavroulla Nicholaou as a private manager for Zelimir. In addition, she is the founder of the “Miss Cyprus Tourism” organization, with whom Zelimir starts his numerous performances on the Island of Cyprus: Clubs, fashion shows & other cultural events. He became quite popular within the Cypriot night crowd and performs on all local TV & radio stations RIK, ANTENNA, CAPITAL etc… Coming out on cover pages of magazines & newspapers. Zelimir got a new nickname in Cyprus “KING OF THE NIGHT” a fitting description for him, and one that critics continue to use when referring to this multi-talented performer.

There is too much talent behind this one performer to describe it all, so I will simply say: "Stick that guitar playing, voice dropping, bad boy back behind his mic and watch the little girls drool."
Jill Zelenski Johnson, "One of a Kind Jewelry Weekly", Chattanooga, Tennessee

Zelimir is a young up and coming musican to watch. He brings back style and showmanship and connects with his audiences. He has worked very hard to be professional, consistant and a dynamic entertainer. Promoters in Las Vegas are keeping an eye on ZELIMIR for he may be the next big headliner to hit the Las Vegas strip."
Jazzy Mann, Las Vegas, Nevada


In 2003/2004 Zelimir sings at the International Song Contests “MEGAHIT” , Turkey, 3rd place –“SUNFLOWER”, “SUNNY SCALES”, and “RADIO Song Competition”. Beginning in 2005, an organization of End Production and Serhat Hacipasalioglu, Zelimir-King of the Night, performed a New Year’s Eve concert rocking well into midnight in one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul in front of thousands of people. Throughout 2005 Zelimir concentrated on studio production and discovered a new, young rock groups called “Highway”, and “Maria”, launching them in international song contests. Zelimir’s sister Visnja performed a song written by Zelimir, “I just can’t live without you”, in the famous Radio Festival of Serbia. Zelimir started 2006 with another New Year’s concert on the Asian Side of Istanbul. The event featured Zelimir as well as the “Weather Girls” (singing their version of “It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah”).

Collaboration with Albert Lee

2007 till the present: Zelimir continues performing with his KING OF THE NIGHT SHOW in Cyprus and on COLOR line Cruises in Scandinavia and Germany: “Peter Wessel, Christian IV, Kronprins Harald, Prinsesse Ragnhild (Bahamas Celebration), Color Magic & Color Fantasy” Zelimir establishes the Audio, Video & Show Production “SHOW Up! Entertainment, Scandinavia” Sweden, presenting himself as well as the other artists. Writing & recording music for the European artists Solvor Woll, Cherry Cool, Slavoljub Kulisic and many more. Winning awards at the song competitions while still performing for the great Scandinavian crowds.

2012: Zelimir is in TOP form again with his “Zelimir King of the Night Rock and Roll Extravaganza” show, UK & US Tour production. He’s also busy recording new songs for his upcoming 2012 album. Zelimir is excited to announce one of the best guitarists in the world “Albert Lee” in his 1st 2012 Single “JUDY” (played with Everly Brothers, Eric Clapton, Shakin’ Stevens, Joe Cocker, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more).

Always new, always fresh, always ready to Rock!ZELIMIR ” King Of The Night” will continue to entertain You on his chariot ride of songs & love.

Judy, Let's Rock

On May 31, 2013, Zelimir released long awaited Country/Rock Album Single "Judy", featuring legendary Albert Lee. Zelimir, his team and his worldwide fan base are promoting the heck out of it.

For a short period of time "Judy" became sexy and fun Country/Rock tune that the world started to embrace. From the time it begins, it captivates you and transforms you into a dancing machine!

"Judy Likes To Rock!" is a Global Line Dance Mania, spreading like a virus, as we speak. Dozens of videos of a people; all colors, nationalities, ages and genders dancing to their own choreographies to the song. Fans are using nothing but word of mouth and good taste in music What is so special about "Judy" is that it is a contemporary original Country/Rock'n'Roll tune, and not just a Rock'n'Roll cover song from the 50s and 60s. People seem to be recognising that quality right away. A lot of soul, a lot of heart, a lot of love went into this song and people react and respond to it, word of mouth is spreading.
The song and the dance are being popularised in America, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, China, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, just name it. There is already a Cover of this great and upcoming, or some would say, a Present hit, by the famous Swedish band: "The Scott's":

According to statistics, "Judy" (feat Albert Lee) by Zelimir has already appeared 139 times on iTunes Country Music Charts! This chart climb happened without actual advertisement on Radio or TV and found it’s place among Taylor Swift, Shania Twain and Johnny Cash. Judy's highest iTunes Music Chart positions so far are: No.4 in Sweden, No.7 in Netherlands, No.12 in Denmark, No.37 in Finland, No.42 in France, No.84 in the UK, and just got into the German iTunes Charts at No.109, as Z Team just started an official Album Single Promotion in Germany on National TV and Radio.

Not long after his last single "Judy (Likes to Rock)", feat. Albert Lee, made it to the top #100 list in many European countries, Zelimir gave a perfect gift of love for Valentine's Day, another single: "Good Morning My Darling".

Country pop music lovers will be able to enjoy two versions of the song - a full studio version and an unplugged version. Notable in both productions is the participation of top Nashville musicians and engineers.

Drums: Steve Brewster (Bob Seger, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Billy Ray Cyrus, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Chicago etc).

Bass: Mike Brignardello (Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, Brooks & Dunn, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Luke Bryan etc).

Electric Guitars: J.T. Corenflos (Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Brooks and Dunn, Kenny Rogers, Gretchen Wilson, Hank Williams etc).

Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro and Bass (in the unplugged version): John D Willis (Taylor Swift, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, etc).

Piano/Keyboards/B3 Organ and Strings Arrangement: Tony Harrell (Brooks & Dunn, Keith Urban, Kris Kristofferson, Art Garfunkel, Kenny Rogers,Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, Michael Bolton, Olivia Newton John etc).

Fiddle: Larry Franklin (The Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Shania Twain, Olivia Newton John, Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill etc).

Pedal Steel: Russ Pahl (Kenny Rogers, Blake Shelton, Jeff Bridges, Gretchen Willson, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, Brooks & Dunn, Jace Everett, Taylor Swift etc).

Both songs were mixed (and an unplugged version was mastered) by Richie Biggs (Civil Wars, Switchfoot, Holly Williams, Amy Grant, George Strait, JD Souther, Michael W. Smith etc)

"Good Morning My Darling" was mastered by Andrew Mendelson at the Nashville's 'Georgetown Masters', as were Zelimir's previous two singles: "Magic" and "Judy". Mendelson has worked with The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, Kings of Leon, Mariah Carey, Motley Crue, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Casting Crowns, Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash Willie Nelson etc.

"Good Morning My Darling" CD package includes an A4 full color biography with Zelimir's history, photos and promotional photographs, as well as 3 Videos (The two official music videos and a 'Behind the Scenes' footage video.)

Zelimir has also released another CD Single, entitled: "Magic", featuring Norwegian born, Solvor Woll.

Hippy Hippy Shake

In July 2014 Zelimir travelled to California to record collaboration with Chan Romero, original Singer-Songwriter for the the iconic R&R gem,"Hippy Hippy Shake", previously recorded by The Beatles, song appears in numerous film soundtracks such as,"Cocktail" with Tom Cruise, Disney’s, "Angels In The Outfield", cult favorite,„"Austin Powers", "X-Men 2013" as well as several national commercials such as Burger King and Zelimir will also be recording in Spanish catering to an Hispanic market of 550 million potential consumers. During his trip to America he also visited LA and Nashville to meet with music publishers and record labels to coordinate his crossover efforts outside of his domestic territory.

Made in America Music Show and The Album

In 2015 Marian Aas Hansen, Norwegian music star, and Zelimir met doing music from The Beatles.
Getting to know each other, they discovered their shared love for American music.
She as a singer in Big Bands from her teens, and he as a Rock'n Roller all his life.

A few years back, Zelimir had written a manuscript and had the idea for a show based on American music, and suddenly there she was, the one who wanted to do it with him!
This show is a mix of all that great music that has roots in America and that so many people love all over the world! Celebrating the greatest artists of all time such as: Elvis, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and more.
Swing, gospel, rock'n roll, country and rhythm'n blues!

Together with great musicians, dancers, virtual productions and artists who love the music, this is a different night and a different showconcert that has been in Oslo before!

CD release (November 8, 2016) with the songs from the show plus the original written songs are being recorded in Nashville, TN.

More about Zelimir...

Zelimir is a recording artist & performer appearing in TV Shows, and performing live in concerts worldwide since the age of 12. Zelimir has been honored with numerous awards and mentions for his interpretations & compositions in many major International music competitions. He has also written and produced music for himself as well as for other artists, radio and TV Shows. Zelimir has been published and performed on 2 Solo Albums, and in over 30 different song competition Albums. He has also made a name for himself performing in his ZELIMIR-“KING OF THE NIGHT SHOW” – a’ la “Casino” style. Country & Rock’n’Roll , Latina & Swing, where everybody can enjoy the powerful voice and unique performance of Zelimir - singing, dancing, and a getting crazy playing his guitar! He is accompanied by a dynamite Ballet & Live band.

Little Bit About Me. (In His Own Words)

I went to Music School in Novi Sad, Serbia. I play various instruments (Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums etc). Currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden where also running our Swedish Label and a Music Production "Show Up Entertainment Scandinavia". I have been performing all my life and am not stranger to large crowds and absolutely love it! Here is a link where I am performing live in concert at the Istanbul's Square with the famous "Weather Girls":