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13 Jun 2013

Special JUDY Release!

Hi ya all...
Zelimir writing.

Hope you are all doing fine and getting ready for the hot, sunny days that are soon to come. Summer is around the corner and I am feeling just great.

As some of you might noticed, we had a special JUDY Release a couple of days ago, on 31 May, 2013.

Special in it's own way because we've finally released a long awaited TV Documentary "Judy - Recording with Albert Lee". As well as the JUDY Karaoke, which many of you guys asked for lately, and an official German Release of JUDY Single, where also the Nationwide TV & Radio promotion took place.

I am particularly excited about the TV special because I wrote a beautiful story on Albert Lee, and our legendary recording session in Vienna Austria last year, when we taped "Judy". Written and Narrated Straight from my heart, with no fancy TV effects and a huge TV Tricks, I present you the story of how "Judy" was made, and how my dreams came true.
You can watch the TV Special: Zelimir's Judy - "Recording with Albert Lee" here or read the story from the movie here (tab The Story).

Now You can have some fun by singing your own JUDY version by watching JUDY Video Karaoke here.

And if you wish to have an original tracks of the JUDY Karaoke, you can download it from iTunes, amazon, spotify, or from whichever Digital Music Store you are using, worldwide. 

Don't hesitate to send us footage of YOU or your friends singing (or dancing) JUDY!!!
You have the Karaoke track now, you certainly have the right mood, Line Dance is spreading around the world-so you have the dancing steps, as well….So What do you wait for!?….Go over there and shout loud : "Judy Let's Rock, Judy Let's Roll !"

"Judy Likes to Rock" Line Dance mania videos here.

Oh, by the way, thank you for helping Judy climb iTunes chart and find her place among Taylor Swift, Shania Twain and Johnny Cash. 

For all the "More INFO" lovers, we prepared a Special JUDY page on our website with the Pix from the Music Video shoot, Pix from the studio recording with Albert, Album Credits, Song lyrics, Press Release for the Media people, and more.

Thanks to all, God Bless You and we'll meet again in a few weeks…